Brockman service corridor - not assessed

October 25, 2010

On the 25th October 2010, the EPA advertised its decision of ‘Not Assessed – Public Advice Given’ for the Brockman Resources Ltd Gas Lateral Project. This Project forms a component of the larger Brockman Marillana Iron Ore Project, located within the Hamersley Iron Province in the Pilbara region. The proposed corridor runs approximately 126 km in a north to north-westerly direction from Newman to Brockman’s Marillana tenement M47/1414.  

 Environmental impacts relating to the Project will be adequately managed under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. ecologia Environment (ecologia) has been engaged by Brockman to facilitate the environmental approval process.  This role involves:

  • representing the proponents when liaising with government, public stakeholders and contractors;

  • providing advice to Brockman on the environmental requirements for the project approvals process;

  • undertaking the required environmental impact assessment studies;

  • providing specialist technical advice on environmental matters; and

  • preparing the environmental documentation required to be submitted to regulatory authorities.


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