Oakajee Terrestrial Port Development PER Assessment Level

November 9, 2009

Oakajee Port and Rail Pty Ltd (OPR) is proposing the development of additional infrastructure and services that were not previously included in the Approved Oakajee Port Project.  The facilities covered in this Terrestrial Port Proposal provide supporting infrastructure to the Approved Project, and are located on the adjacent costal land. The Approved Oakajee Port Project and the facilities covered in the Terrestrial Port Proposal are located at Oakajee, approximately 24 km north of Geraldton, to the south of the Oakajee River mouth and to the north of the Buller River mouth.  The objective of the Terrestrial Port Proposal is to develop an integrated world-class iron ore receiving, handling and exporting facility for the State of Western Australian.

Following submission of the referral document to the EPA on 16th October 2009, a PER level of assessment has been assigned with a public review period of 4 weeks.

As the project's environmental managers Ecologia’s role has encompassed:

  • Overall environmental coordination and input to the design phase of the project 

  • Development of environmental approvals applications   

  • Undertaking terrestrial flora and fauna surveys

  • Undertaking stygofauna and short range endemic (SRE) surveys

  • Detailed rare flora population mapping & impact management

  • Development of environmental management plans


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