Oil Basins EMP Project

October 27, 2010

Oil Basins Ltd commissioned ecologia Environment to develop the Backreef-1 oil exploration Environmental Management Plan in line with the DMP guidance materials for onshore oil exploration activities.

The Environmental Management Plan addressed potential environmental impacts and management actions relevant to the activities associated with the exploration programme. The Environmental Management Plan addressed the management procedures required prior to, during, and after exploration activities.

On the 8 October 2010 Oil Basins Ltd obtained all necessary approvals and permissions from the DMP to drill Backreef-1 within the Canning Basin, Western Australia.  Oil Basins Ltd spudded the Backreef-1 well on 11 October 2010 with drilling reaching 1800mRT (revised TD as permitted by the DMP) on the 27 October 2010. 

Click here for more information http://www.oilbasins.com.au/.

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